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About Selinza Mitchell

Ms. Mitchell, has always found pleasure in meeting the needs of others, from the birth of a new life, to understanding the grace and dignity by which end of life care is given. Selinza's relationship with Health Care began in 1977 as a candy striper at Harris Hospital Methodist downtown Fort Worth Texas, here she found her value in meeting the needs of others and serving in the capacity of volunteer for ten years and was awarded for greater than 10,000 hours volunteering service leading to her decision to become a nurse.

Ms. Mitchell was licensed to practice nursing in Texas in 1982 and specialized in Oncology and Medical Surgical Nursing. While finding her practice would impact lives on so many levels she expanded her experience into Radiation Oncology and Chemotherapy certifications which lead to following up with the continuity of patient care with ten years as Home Health Nurse, Ms. Mitchell has been celebrated Nurse of the Month and then Nurse of the Year. Her journey has also led her into many experiences including; West Texas Counseling and Rehabilitation Clinic as Charge Nurse – Chemical Dependency Nursing, Nurse Consultant for Physicians Group, Consulting Nurse Liaison for Arlington Pharmacies and DME, Geriatric Nursing, Long Term Care Nursing and Rehabilitation.
Understanding the difference between a Job and a Profession Selinza found her first passion in caring for her patients. She believes, "You don't just take care of an illness you take care of a Person."

Popular Lecture Topics

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  •  The Exceptional Professional Performance    

  •  Stress Management
  •  Adherence "Whose Fault is it Anyway?"

The Educator

In 2002 Ms. Mitchell was offered a full time position on faculty at a School of Nursing in North Texas, bringing much of her nursing passion with her once again she committed to be a difference maker. “When I commit to educate others for a specific practice I multiply myself by the number of students and I understand that my impression on their lives will most likely impact many of the lives that they touch on their journey, we all must serve with kindness and knowledge, our preparation is academic, emotional and physical.”

In 2004 Selinza was invited to speak professionally for Pharma as a National Adult Educator / Presenter, She quickly became one of the industries most sought after National Speakers. In 2006 Ms. Mitchell Founded The Selinza Mitchell Experience and has developed a reputation as a master storyteller delivering enlightening, motivational, educational and inspiring presentations. She is a leader and champion in problem solving, mentoring and enhancing individual as well as team performance fortifying an impactful culture in the professional environment.
Ms. Mitchell joined and maintains special studies related to Cultural Diversity, Social Science, Psychology and Sociology in an effort to better meet our professional societies ever changing needs by offering attendees the most engagingly thought provoking and pleasantly unforgettable learning experience.
Selinza presents on average 120 keynote lectures annually at; Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums, Private practices, In-services, Staff meetings, Lunch/Dinner and Learns, Summits, Conventions, Training sessions and Expositions, Ms. Mitchell’s Presentations are designed to enhance personal growth which impacts professional performance and creates personal and professional satisfaction leading to best practice and best outcomes. Selinza’s quote remains, “If you knew that you could make a difference, what difference would it make.”

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Popular lecture categories/topics;

Adapting to Change Team work collaboration
Celebrating professional performance Stress management
Being Mindful presence Compassion Fatigue
Promoting self-care and wellness Burnout
Generational mergers Survivorship
The customer experience / satisfaction Overcoming challenges
Communication Leadership/Management
Emotional intelligence Motivation / Inspiration

(Specific presentation titles and summaries available upon request) We also find it a pleasure to tailor a presentation to your specific event objectives, goals and theme.