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About Selinza Mitchell

Selinza's relationship with Health Care began in 1977 before even before she attended Nursing School. Selinza was licensed to practice nursing in 1982 specializing in Oncology and Medical Surgical Nursing. Ms. Mitchell has been on faculty at the School of Vocational Nursing- Arlington since 2002 and began speaking professionally as a National Adult Educator in 2004 and continues to be one of the industries' most sought after National facilitators.

Ms. Mitchell, a middle child, who has always dreamt of being needed, found what makes her heart beat: meeting the needs of others by providing nursing care in the birth of new lives, and the understanding the grace and dignity by which end of life care is given.

Understanding the difference between a Job and a Profession Selinza found her first passion with her Cancer patients. She believes, "You don't just take care of the illness you take care of the Person." In 1984 Ms. Mitchell was celebrated 'Nurse of the month' – then Nurse of the Year. In 1989 she added to her Oncology and Medical Surgical skills - Home health nursing where her autonomy of nursing prevailed, as another health care door opened.

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The Educator

Selinza completed the first of many Service Excellence Classes, for her Customer Service Certification in 1990 as she chose personal and professional improvement to enhance her ability to handle the challenging situations that present daily additionally completed courses in cultural diversity, social science and sociology to better meet the needs and provide the best patient care. To better understand and participate in the whole process of total patient care, she added Chemotherapy Certification along with working at the Radiation Center.

Ms. Mitchell developed a reputation as a leader and champion in problem solving which placed her as nurse-liaison between licensed professionals, UAP’s (unlicensed assistance personnel), Practitioners, Pharmacists and Patients for two Pharmacy DME companies, and later as nurse consultant for a Chemical dependency clinic – where she later became charge nurse.

Presently Selinza serves as clinical nurse educator, this Texas school of nursing graduates over 200 Vocational / Practical nursing students a year. In 2003 she was voted employee of the month then Employee of The Year by her peers and management.

In 2004 Selinza began traveling the country presenting seminars to health care professionals with titles such as "The Art of Active Listening" – related to communication, Stress management, Adherence, and Improving Patient Satisfaction – "The Art of The Exceptional Professional Performance", which echoes her quote “If you knew you could make a difference, what difference would it make?”

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Photo Courtesy of Shelton Photography